October 3, 2023

The creation of an adjudication board headed by the City Legal Office has been proposed to look over issues concerning bar and entertainment business owners and City Hall offices that are in charge of regulatory documents.

The conduct of meetings may also be initiated to thresh out concerns on permits/licenses or on the acquisition process or procedures.

These were among the things agreed on during a dialogue between bar and entertainment business owners and representatives from the Public Order and Safety Division (POSD), City Health Services, City Legal, City Planning, Development and Sustainability, and other concerned offices last week.

Among those discussed are the city’s smoke-free program where POSD Chief Daryl Longid said the provisions are clear and are enough as bases for confiscation or issuance of a notice of violation.

Longid said during inspection of establishments, details and evidence of smoking are scrutinized before an action is done.

Applications for smoking areas are accepted, but Longid warned that requirements are stringent; and fenced, wide, but unroofed areas for smoking are compulsory.

The liquor ban remains and proposals for its amendment are still with the city council, Longid added.

He also reminded bars and business owners of the Silent Night Ordinance, where excessive loud noise/music are prohibited from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and from establishments within 200 meters from schools, churches, and hospitals. Penalties are set at P1,000; P3,000; P5000 on first, second, and third offense, respectively, with six months imprisonment, or both.       

Entertainment or bar operating hours are up to midnight, while those with dancing are up to 2 a.m., but winding-up hours should be done earlier.

Longid said permits for the line of business should be visible as his staff could be called up to check on said business establishments at any hour.

He said the POSD is open for dialogues and clarifications as discussions lead to a healthy relationship between authorities and business people. – Julie G. Fianza