December 8, 2023

Winners in the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 and an international beauty queen will soon be tapped to help promote the tourism industry of Benguet.

Benguet Legislative Office Chief of Staff Kevin Edward See said winners of the pageant will be given a chance to tour around the province for them to appreciate its beauty.

“Rep. Eric Yap saw this as an opportunity to promote the province. The winners of the pageant will be toured by the congressman around various areas of Benguet and even in destinations that few heard of so it could be introduced to the people,” See said. 

Yap earlier said he wanted to place Benguet into the consciousness of people by always promoting it whenever he can.

“It is about time na ilagay ang Benguet sa mapa ng turismo kasi ‘pag narinig nila ang Baguio iyon na ang akala nilang Benguet. Baguio is Baguio in its own right. Ang Benguet ay maganda rin in its own right,” See added.

Part of the promotion would be the tapping of a former international beauty queen to be the ambassador of Benguet. He said the beauty queen, whose name has been withheld pending further negotiations, would play a major role in a series of tourism promotions. 

He said they are planning to put up billboards promoting the province along the expressway as well as in EDSA.

See assured one once the beauty queens are all set up, they will only promote the name of Benguet, not any other office or persons.

Last week, candidates for the MUP arrived in Benguet where they conducted photo and video shoots at select tourist spots. The candidates were also billeted at the Baguio Country Club where they spent the rest of the week until the coronation night on Oct. 23 with delayed telecast on Oct. 25.

See said hosting of the province of the candidates would also prove later on that tourism and health protocols could coexist once the province is ready to open for tourism. – Ofelia C. Empian