July 23, 2024

Median barriers will no longer be installed along the main roads of La Trinidad, Benguet following public criticisms due to accidents that occurred during the experimental traffic reduction scheme.

In a public consultation Oct. 22, Mayor Romeo Salda said the Traffic Management Board (TMB) decided to remove the median barriers and instead study other schemes to improve traffic flow at the town’s thoroughfares.

A technical working group will list recommendations from concerned sectors which will be incorporated in future traffic plans. Representatives from the business sector will be included as members of the TMB.

“A technical working group will be created to collate the suggestions during the public consultation. The TWG will also oversee implementation of the experimental traffic scheme to be formulated by the TMB,” Salda said.

Another public consultation on how to address traffic woes in the capital town will be scheduled soon.

Among the initial recommendations are to paint zebra lines and median lanes along the main roads and to put up road signs for motorists and pedestrians.

Median barriers were installed last Oct. 17 from Km. 3 to Km. 5, but the Mayor’s Office ordered its removal after two days after it caused vehicular accidents along the stretch where these were placed. – Ofelia C. Empian