July 23, 2024

The successful conduct of the 2021 Adivay Taekwondo Championships yielded champions from the various gyms of Benguet and neighboring areas during in-person and online events.

The champions in the in-person poomsae event female cadet 12 to 14 years old category were Chriza Mae Dongael, Khyla Kreanzzel Guinto, and Nicole Ngaloy of Bravehearts Arcadian and Elora Jem Zambrano of Bravehearts Buyagan.

The winners in the female dragon 6 to 7 category were Vinia Maxine Ligon of Bravehearts Buyagan, Yuna Wingi of Bravehearts Arcadian, and Frances Clare Bastian of Nueva Vizcaya TKD while Altheyea Dhale Maidap of Bravehearts Arcadian, Precious Ashley Benitez of Nueva Vizcaya TKD, and Mayumi Bandao of Bravehearts Buyagan ruled the junior 15 to 17 group.

Top winners in the tiger 8 to 9 female category were Hanna Shannaya Mangiga, and Skye Catherine Moga while Marionne Denise Delmas, Leeanne Shane Camide, Yohan Fame Faklayen, and Trisha Lobbonan championed the youth 10 to 11 group, all of Bravehearts gym.

On the male side, gold medalists in the cadet 12 to 14 were Rheingel Bert Cerenio, Dan Joemuel Deligen, and Elcanor Mang-usan Jr., all of Bravehearts gym and  Mark Iverson Colnog of Red Knights TKD Academy.

Kristauf Aurelius Bosaing and Dion Rouge Carmelo made it to the top in the dragon 6 to 7 while Rojan Art Dacquil championed the junior 15 to 17.

Gold medalists in the male tiger 8 to 9 were Yuri Glenn Bacani, Ioness Panganidan, and Prince Rapha Elijah Sabyat of Bravehearts while fellow Bravehearts gym members Rylee Montañez, Craig Aroney Sapdoy, Klanxy Drei Penrad, Ethan Sinong topped the youth 10 to 11.

Clinching gold medals in the reaction kicking female 7 to 11 are Hanna Shannaya Mangiga, Kaira Velo, and Yohan Fame Faklayen while Chriza Mae Dongael, Khyla Guinto, and Lady Jewel Kimpay ruled the 12 to 17.

For the male 7 to 11, champions were Ioness Panganiban, Ethan Sinong, Rylee Montañez, and Anthoine Bokilis while Keno Gabriel Dulnuan ruled the 18 to 10 with Xedric James Faroden, Elcanor Mang-usan Jr., Wayne Eusebio, and Rojan Art Dacquil topping the 12 to 17.

Meanwhile, the online poomsae saw Roma Jen Manalo of Legion Strikers Region 1and Zenomi Aaliyah Rosimo of Bravehearts Arcadian ruling the dragon 6 to 7 female while Hershey Pinasen and Deborah Cumti of Red Knights TKD-Ifugao led the junior 15 to 17.

Hanna Mangiga and Bona Stella Rivera topped the tiger 8 to 9 while Natalie Legaspi led the youth 10 to 11. Martina Guingaban led the under 50 female.

In the male online poomsae, Lanz Andrei Ola of Legion Strikers topped the cadet 12 to 14; Lance Capiyao and Hans Harold Flores in the junior 15 to 17; Ayroe Oyam of Red Knights TKD-Mountain Pro-vince in the little jin under 5; Prince Jacef Malanum in the tiger 8 to 9 while Mhalius Rosh Pimentel of Legion Strikers, Ethan Sinong, Earl Keen Lee Vicente topped the youth 10 to 11.

Jarvie Sabado and Chris Jericho Diwas also won medals.

The event was organized by Bravehearts gym coach Danrey Velo in partnership with the Benguet Sports Office. – Ofelia C. Empian