March 3, 2024

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”
That alas, is no longer the case. Given all the technological advances in today’s modern world, where you can watch live TV a half Filipino playing for the Utah Jazz win the NBA sixth man award, and a Filipina golfer coming from four strokes down to likewise win the U.S. women’s open and a million dollars, so too can the same technology destroy one’s good name.
False news viewed by thousands of viewers over Facebook, and pretty soon, a man and his good character is soon parted.

It seems each and all advances in science are weapons of mass destruction – from guns to Facebook accounts and the like, including motorcycles and gunships.
Technology can also bring down age-old institutions like the Catholic Church, and the U.S. democratic way of life.

It can even make a sitting president look good in the eyes of his people, even if he is sleeping with the enemy.
He also has two mouthpieces whose only job is to brush off the dirt and smear from the barong of their boss and spray it with one lie after another to restore the sheen.
Living off the fat of the land the two are – a credit or a shame to their profession.

The Defense department claims the communist movement and the New People’s Army is in shambles and on the run.
But that was already true when Joma Sison migrated to the Netherlands, feuding with the Jalandonis and Fidel Agcaoili as to who is the acknowledged leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines.
The NPA is actually a ragtag army of pea-sants and farmers, with hardly any idea what ideology is all about.
There is nothing to crow about really. Nobody listens to Joma now, so best to ignore the aging red and let him spend the rest of his years in peace.
What crime has been committed if you dance the night away with a pretty woman, while your own president is tripping the light fantastic to the tune of Chinese music, certainly not like a bridge over troubled waters.

Unless and until the Black community tones down its rhetoric and ease up on its dramatics, peace will never come to the once upon a time land of milk and honey.
Every Black speaker today fancies himself to be a Martin Luther King, spewing fire and brimstone, blaming not the system but the white Americans for their woes, that every killing of a black man is a racist.
Going down on one knee while the Star Spangled Banner is being played does not sit well with the 80 million diehard followers of Donald, who strongly suspect that the so-called African-Americans are out for revenge.
Because their African ancestors were made slaves, the blacks plan to do the same thing with the whites.
For them preaching peace and unity, then wear black t-shirts that says black lives matter.
Expect another civil war in the near future.

If the political rivals of Benguet caretaker Eric Yap will do something quick and soon, it looks like a runaway win for Duterte’s boy.
His plans for the province are simply too good to be ignored or brushed aside, like putting up two big hospital tents for Covid-19 patients and other sick elderly, with an adjacent children’s center.
Yap says all that is going to happen within the next few weeks.
Like Yap says, if you can’t beat us, join us.

Two lawyers, one relatively young and the other a veteran of many trial wars, have gone on to the big courtroom in the sky, to plead their respective causes why they should be admitted to paradise.
In much the same way that it is easier for the camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven, (already I am praying for the countries’ 10 or so billionaires) so too with lawyers.
Let’s hope the Great Magistrate will listen to their arguments, lest they join a multitude of attorneys being cared for by the guy in the red suit.
A son went to visit his ailing father in the hospital confined due to Covid-19 symptoms, and he contracts the disease.
He passed away even ahead of his old man.

The lawyers are Attys. Renato John Bestre and Emiliano Gayo, the first from Covid-19, the other of cardiac arrest.
The father and son are former DENR regional executive director Isaias Barongan and his son, Ronaldo.
Our heartfelt condolences to their families and other loved ones.
God bless!