April 22, 2024

Investigators of the Bureau of Fire Protection have identified electrical arcing as the main cause of the fire that transpired at the Pilando Center Building in Lower Magsaysay on March 26.
After an ocular at the battery room of the establishment’s solar system, Senior Fire Officer 3 Jose B. Dagson said electrical arcing happens when an energized electrical wire sticks to a conductor such as iron or electrical wire or when a circuit becomes overloaded and overheats.
For the structural fire at the Pilando building, Dagson said they saw an indication of an electrical surge which caused the ignition of fire.
Common electrical problems where arcing may occur include plugs that are loose in the outlet, outlets that do not work, lights that dim or flicker, tripping circuit breakers, hot or smoking outlets or switches and light bulbs that burn too often.
Dagson said further investigation will be conducted with physical evidence such as electrical wirings, a terminal of the battery, and welded part of the steel shelf from the battery to be sent to their headquarters for laboratory analysis.
Cost of damage was estimated at P5 million.
BFP Baguio Chief of Operations Insp. Bartolome Cacamo is grateful that the incident was reported immediately by building maintenance personnel Brenan Nahaman when he noticed dark smoke emanating from the battery room of the building around 6 p.m.
Tenants and shoppers were also promptly evacuated until fire out was declared at 6:40 p.m.
Cacamo also thanked volunteer responders particularly the Baguio Water District, Sunshine Fire Brigade, the Baguio City Police Office, as well as barangay officials of Lower Magsaysay. – Jessa Mardy Samidan with Joshua Walitang and Alpha May Patacsil