December 8, 2023

The management of Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center turned down the request of the Baguio City Council to issue temporary clearances to business owners operating within the BGHMC reservation.
In his letter to the city council, BGHMC Medical Center Chief Ricardo Ruñez said the BGHMC will not change its stance regarding the clearing of its property from informal settlers. 
Ruñez said granting the recurring requests of the affected individuals will only give them false hopes.
He suggested instead of dwelling on issues that are non-negotiable, the city council should look into BGHMC’s proposal to relocate the affected individuals, if necessary. “We assure you that you have our full support,” Ruñez said. 
Earlier, business owners at Camp 8, Kennon Road sought the help of the city council after their business permits had been withheld following the objection of BGHMC.
The business owners said they would lose their means of livelihood and requested the assistance of the body for the issuance of their business permits.
The area where the structures are located is part of the lot claimed by BGHMC. A survey plan indicates that the barangay hall, the basketball court, and the area in question (all three areas located in Camp 8) are within the BGH reservation under Proclamation 472, s. 1968. 
In a forum with the city council on Oct. 24, 2022, City Planning and Development Office representative Elias Aoanan said issuance of a locational clearance to the business owners in the area is subject to the consent granted by BGHMC. A locational clearance is a prerequisite to the issuance of a business permit. 
In the same forum, it was revealed BGHMC is currently undergoing expansion in accordance with its development plan.
The development plan includes the construction of additional structures to accommodate the sub-specialty centers, isolation wards, laboratory building, kidney center, materials recovery facility, medical records building, multi-specialty building to house the heart center, brain center, and operating rooms, and trauma center. 
The BGHMC has been identified as the apex hospital and referral center of the north pursuant to the Universal Health Care Act of 2019. – Jordan G. Habbiling