April 21, 2024

projects for the benefit of the community.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong encouraged barangay captains to scrutinize projects being undertaken in their areas of jurisdiction and to immediately report if these are not up to their standard.

“If you are not satisfied, report it to us. We will take action and we will not pay them,” the mayor told barangay heads during their monthly meeting Oct. 14.

“I will keep on repeating this. I do not want substandard projects, we will never tolerate them. So please help us in monitoring and identifying them so we can take action.”

He said there has been a marked improvement in the quality of projects in the city since routine inspections by the city government led by the mayor and City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña were implemented.

However, there are still projects that are below quality, mostly school projects.

“I know many of you are frustrated with the system. Please speak up. We don’t have to pay these contractors until their projects pass the standards,” the mayor told the barangay heads.

“Let’s participate in good governance. You are aware of the poor quality of some of the school projects in the city. Is this the kind of facilities that we want our children to inherit just because we don’t want to participate in good governance?

“I am empowering you to take a stand against corruption. Let us make a unified stand. I promised you a righteous government and I am going to deliver that at the end of my term,” the mayor said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo