June 21, 2024

Want to see something new, fresh, and green?

Immerse in the hidden garden located in the rustic town of Atok, Benguet.

Dubbed the place “Where Vegetables Flourish and Cacti Flowers Bloom,” the municipality continues to be an emerging ecotourism destination all over the country.

It features new attractions and products, showcasing the creative works of the locals throughout the year.

From carpeting flowers on a mountain-top to lush trees, tourists enjoy visiting Atok to see beautiful flora in its natural habitat.

Found in Tulodan, Cattubo, Atok is a carpet of bonsai cypress trees formed into a stunning landscape.

Bonsai trees provide health benefit.

Researches found immersing with bonsai trees can lower blood pressure and reduce psychological stress with the greenery that creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

It aids in treating coughs, weariness, sore throats, and exhaustion.

In Atok, visitors will have the opportunity to experience rare moments of nature in the flesh.

The bonsai paradise is just a 15 minutes hike from the barangay road.

Visitors will enjoy the colorful fields and the sound of nature on their way to their destination.

A unique green octagonal house also awaits visitors.

Entrance is free since the park is not yet officially open to the public, although donations are accepted to help develop the garden.

Tourists who wish to visit the place are allowed, with strict compliance of safety protocols and garden rules.

Visitors will experience getting closer to nature by including the agri-tourism site in their Atok trip.

The bonsai paradise is a perfect place for forest bathing, one that calms the soul. – Amber Gale Depnag