June 24, 2024
OFF LIMITS TO STRAY DOGS — Trained personnel from the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist caught a total of 10 stray cats at the Bontoc General Hospital compound.  The captured cats were impounded at the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian. — Shannon Anthea Pagaduan

BONTOC, Mountain Province – To address concerns on hygiene and safety, the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist (OMAG) has intensified its campaign against stray animals.

The OMAG carried out an anti-stray animal operation recently where stray dogs and cats were captured.

Two dogs were captured while 10 stray cats were caught within the vicinity the Bontoc General Hospital during the operations on May 28, 29, and 30.

The move came after management of the Bontoc General Hospital requested assistance from the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (Opvet) to address the increasing number of stray cats roaming the hospital grounds, raising worries among employees and patients.

The Opvet coordinated with the OMAG to carry out the activity, which involved humane trapping methods to capture stray dogs and cats.

The captured dogs and cats were dispatched to the Opvet in Sac-angan, Barangay Caluttit, where veterinarians assessed their health status.

The captured animals are provided with food, water, and care maintenance.

Mayor Jerome Tudlong, Jr., lauded the Municipal Anti-Rabies Control Council for giving teeth to Ordinance 373, S. 2023.

As per ordinance 373, s. 2023, violators are subjected to a fine of not less than P500 and an additional P100 (for dog food, medicine, and anti-rabies shots) on first offense and P1,000 on second and succeeding offenses.

The ordinance focuses on ensuring public safety and taking a proactive stance against rabies. – Alpine K. Malwagay and Shannon Anthea S. Pagaduan