May 27, 2024

Congratulations to the winners of the EMA Cup 18 played at the Baguio Country Club last March 12. The response was tremendous.There were almost 120 golfers and more than a hundred sponsors whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts.
The overall lowest net champion with a net score (NS) of 58 was Christian Villareal while the overall lowest gross champion with a 58 gross score was Jassen Passi.
Men’s class A champion was Erwin Killip-59; first runner-up was Lance Kiat-ong- 60; and secondrunner-up was John Marasigan-60.
Men’s class B champion was Salvador “Buds” Royeca-59 followed by Mars Mudon-60 and Rae Dayasen-61 in that order.
Men’s class C champion was Zigfred Gogoling-61 followed by Don Empania-61 and Christian Dee-61 as first and second runners-up, respectively.
Demma Dulnuan topped the ladies division with 60 followed by Josefina Santos and Annabelle Herrera, both with 61, as first and second runners-up, respectively.
Special awardees were Kristopher C. Arevalo-longest drive at 313 yards at hole 3; Bing Angeles -most accurate drive at six inches near the line at hole 8; and Winnie Bautista- nearest to the pin at one meter and two feet at hole 1.
Cheers to all of you who supported and played for-a-cause.
At the Baguio Apaches where I once served as chief, members are called Braves, adopted from the 19th century American-Indian Wars where the native American warriors werecalled Indian Braves in contemporary colonial fashion.
Thus, a Brave is one who is courageous, daring, bold, heroic, fearless, resolute, gallant, undaunted, and unafraid. He is lion-hearted who dare challenges the tyrannical regimes.
Aptly, the adjectives fits Glenn as a Brave but now more than ever as he tries anew to seek a seat for the Baguio Council, a second look, nay a fourth reveals that he is not only the Pavarotti he presents and we know of him, but there should be more qualities of his soul that should make him worthy of the precious vote.
Glenn, for starters, was born and raised in Baguio City. His parents built an ancestral home in Quezon Hill where he grew up. He went to nearby Holy Family Academy and of course, Saint Louis Boys High ‘81.
He had an inborn talent for singing and naturally ended up at the University of the Philippines Conservatory and later on Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
His academic qualification is capped by the fact that he holds a Master’s in Public Administration. Education wise, he is it as I am not aware of any council member who would have that appropriate degree.
So, what can a Glenn do in the council? Definitely not sing his way around.
For one, he is articulate, although when talking to our people he should minimize or at least stop speaking English as this makes him unreachable to the masses. Save the “king’s” language for the debates on the floor as legislative work is to create local laws, policies and this is where Glenn can be outstanding. He can present his and the people’s advocacies and concerns to the body. In other words, become the mouthpiece for the poor and downtrodden, the middle class and the people at large. He must present himself as one with a clear legislative agenda to be taken seriously by those who would cast their lot for him.
Glenn, while sometimes can be misunderstood as a snoot, is a good guy and he can uphold the values of growing up a Baguio boy – the mano po culture to elders which we require of our peons, the 6 o’clock orasyon, the Baguio first preference, all of which were turned into policies I authored but kept in the dungeons at City Hall. He can, if he likes, provide empathy and compassion towards the weak and the marginalized, respect for women, children, and the LGBT, and protection of the environment. On the side, he can do his art and music. Continue my work for an institutionalized Philharmonic Orchestra for the City.
Literally Glenn is a Brave one, for overcoming the agony of past defeats and continuing the spirit of serving Baguio.Maybe, it is now best that we try him out too.