June 17, 2024

At this time of rapid technological advancements, globalization, and an interconnected global community, learners become exposed to diverse cultures, ideas, and value systems in this dynamic environment, making values formation is a vital part of primary education. To navigate an increasingly complex world, learners need to be equipped with strong values along with academic knowledge.
Recently, the Department of Education designated every Friday throughout the current school year as “Catch-up Fridays” dedicating half of every Friday to reading and the other half to values, peace, and health education. This is stipulated in DepEd Memorandum 1 s. 2024, which aims to enhance the academic performance of learners in the K-12 Basic Education Program since the learners lag behind in reading among the 79 participating nations based from the result of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
Today, reading is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Social media has taken over as a source of information. Engaging with technology though, is not wrong but reading good books especially the Bible must not be forgotten. Most often than not, the black book – the Bible, most of us have in our bookshelves is being neglected. It’s one that we love to have, need to have, but often fail to read.
With this, reading must be strengthened not only in schools but foremost, it should be made as part of every family’s daily lives. The long time practice of parents reading stories especially those with moral lessons to their children including the bible before they go to bed needs to be brought back to this modern times. Studies show that this act has vast and multiple benefits that cannot be under estimated for it affects the child’s overall development.
We can help the future generation grow to be great persons that our country needs. They may adapt to the changes of time but not to forget the basics of life like reading good literatures not forsaking the Bible. It is extremely helpful and powerful.
As an Easter Sunday meditation for all of us, let us be reminded of Joshua 1:8 – “Keep the book of laws always on your lips; meditate on them day and night; be careful to put them into practice, and you will be prosperous and successful.”