April 13, 2024

Want to give “man’s best friend” a bit more protection in case they get lost or stolen?
The mandatory installation of microchip tags on dogs will start this November.
City Veterinary and Agriculture Office (CVAO) chief Bridgit Piok said the installation of microchips is mandatory for pets three months old and above.
The microchip tagging of dogs is pursuant to Ordinance 60 s. 2020, which establishes easier ownership tracking of dogs; protection of pets from theft; monitoring schedule of anti-rabies jabs; and establishing accountability of pet owners, among others.
The micro tag, which rests under the dog’s skin, contains information on the owner’s name, address, contacts, and description of the canine.
It costs P300 per dog and may be administered in barangays during scheduled mass tagging activities or at the CVAO.  
A registration certificate shall then be issued after the dog had been microchipped. It is a permanent record that lasts until the dog’s lifetime, unless there is a change of ownership.
When the dog passes, the owner is required to inform the barangay or CVAO within five days. 
In change of ownership, the new owner must report the same within 10 days. Registration by the new owner is P250.
Piok said absence of the chip on a dog three months old and above violates the ordinance. A fine of P2,000 shall be imposed upon the owner.
A fine of P2,000 is likewise imposed upon owners of stray pooches.
She said any person who releases an impounded dog without it having been micro-tagged or without fees or fines having been paid by the owner shall be fined P1,000, over possible administrative or criminal charges.
The ordinance imposes an impounding fee of P500 per dog; maintenance fee of P50 per dog per day; and adoption fee of P500 per dog.
Piok said within three days, unclaimed dogs at the city pound may be put up for adoption, donated for scientific studies, or put down. – Gaby Keith