December 6, 2023

Cordillera athletes have found ways and creative in continuing their training in their own homes, staying fit and healthy amidst the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon.
Members of Team Lakay resorted to doing their own strengthening exercises in their backyards sharing their workout videos in social media.
ONE Championship strawweight world champion Joshua Felix “Passion” Pacio is seen carrying two five-gallon water bottles on each arm while doing squats in their backyard while teammate Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon trained indoors and also used the five-gallon water bottle as weights for his squats.
Former world champion Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang also posted his improvised training at home, with a made-up plank where he jumps up and down for his leg day workout.
“Training in isolation is no problem as long as we progress,” Folayang said.
Team Lakay head coach Mark Sangiao said he has not given specific training program yet to his athletes, leaving them to innovate. His athletes are no stranger to improvising exercise and training materials as their ingenuity have been their mark when they were still starting out as a mixed martial arts team, growing into one of Asia’s premiere teams.  
“I told them to do self training at home for now and wait for further announcement regarding formal training in the gym and outdoor training,” Sangiao said.
For Kafagway MMA chairman and coach Bryan Olod, he monitors his athletes through pictures or videos of their home training in their group chat. 
“Some are using home equipment for their trainings like weights and strength and conditioning. And because they have punch mitts and kick pads, they do at least three rounds or mitts and drills at home every day,” Olod said.
He also reminds his athletes to boost their immune system to stay in shape.
Olod, who also teaches senior high school in Sablan National High School, reminds his student-athletes to study and read books during their rest periods.
Meanwhile, Southeast Asian Games obstacle course race gold medalist Sandi Menchi Abahan keeps fit by biking when getting groceries in town.
“Basically, it’s all strengthening workouts and mobilities just to keep the body moving like cross fit workout, stairs, bike trainer, and if I’m in the mood or If I can run around the house, I run,” Abahan said. 
Ultra-runner Jovencio Luspian also runs around available spaces he has in their home.
“The main focus is to maintain fitness, muscle tone and mental focus. Together with exercises is maintaining balance diet or eating less since there’s no heavy training and rest,” Luspian said.
Many sports activities locally and internationally have been put on hold while the whole world is grappling with the coronavirus disease-19. But these athletes are hopeful that it would get better in the coming days, while doing what they can with what they have, to improve on their skills. – Ofelia C. Empian