December 7, 2023

■  Ofelia C. Empian 

Athletes from Baguio and Benguet bagged 40 gold, 36 silver, and 43 bronze medals in the recent 1st Asian Jiu Jitsu Federation (ASJJF) Dumau Baguio International Jiu Jitsu Championship 2023 at the Baguio Convention Center.

Ronin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-La Trinidad led the local teams with 15-13-13 medals while Fight Corps MMA had 7-1-4 medals; Overlimit Baguio had 5-10-7 medals; Baguio Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had 5-3-7 medals; C Gambit Jiu Jitsu La Trinidad had 5-0-3 medals; Ronin Jiu Jitsu Matzone-Baguio had 2-7-7 medals; and Team Lakay had 1-2-2 medals. 

Aithana Caranto of the Philippine Military Academy and C-Gambit JJ La Trinidad led the group with four gold medal wins in her weight and open weight categories of the gi and no gi events.

Alayne Albon also won one gold medal by executing a hip throw against her opponent, resulting in an armbar from Kesa-gatame.

Jezebelle Padtoc of Ronin BJJ La Trinidad and playing coach of PMA, won three gold medals and one silver medal from her weight and open weight categories in the gi and no gi. 

Nicko James Donglasan won two gold medals in his weight divisions and two bronze medals in the open weight categories while Jail Officer 1 Arvin Jose won two golds and one silver medal. Dahn Anthony Pelino won one gold, one silver, and one bronze medal.

Coach Gregorio “Geeno” Abalos III won the gold medal after outsmarting a purple belt opponent who is heavier than him by two weight classes.

Genzer Ervy Navalta, Nhel Justine Anioay, Mclean Tudayan, Charles Calawen, Ashly Rose Diong-an and Keith Rustom Diong-an also dominated their respective weight divisions through submissions.

Ronin Baguio’s Ramuel San Juan claimed the gold medal after tapping out his opponent via guillotine while teammate Ethan Niguel Salvador won gold in the no gi male.

Overlimit’s coach Dave Galera won a gold medal after submitting his opponent via armbar in his brown belt debut. Kurt Wagayan, Novie Odalio, Marian Dyan Paras and Jordan Mar Lumidao also won a gold medal apiece.

Baguio BJJ’ blue belt Gabriel Andres won two gold medals while Philbert Juanito won one gold and one bronze medal while Estrada Donga-as and Yves Austria won one gold medal each in their respective weight categories.

Fight Corps’ Leon Kiat-ong III won two gold medals in the no gi events while Anne Marie Lorraine Balajadia-Tabora won one gold and one silver medal in their respective weight categories.

Dave Bangguigui won one gold medal and one bronze medal while teammates Lee Sangyeun, Alaine Balajadia, and Jake Tanggacan won one gold medal each in their respective weight divisions.

Team Lakay’s Joris Jonker won one gold and one silver medal after dominating his weight class on the no gi events.