April 20, 2024

With the recent discovery of eight bodies from a ravine at Sitio Poyopoy, Barangay Taloy Sur in Tuba, Benguet, authorities are now looking for ways to prevent any kind of unlawful activities in the area.
Tuba Municipal Police Station Chief, Maj. James Acod, said his office will coordinate with the Municipal Peace and Order Council and present its recommendations such as fencing of the area and putting up of CCTV surveillance cameras and signages to ward off unlawful activities.
Acod has presented to journalists last week drone footage of the retrieval site, which shows scattered pieces of plastics and other garbage that has accumulated over the years in the area, known as a dumping ground not only of garbage, but also of cadavers since the 80s, according to police.
Acod said the drone was operated by Australian volunteers who were conducting rescue training with the local disaster risk reduction and management councils at the time of discovery of the bodies.  
“Actually, we want to have immediate fencing and at the same time install CCTVs even if it is costly and put a ‘No dumping’ sign,” he said.
He said it would be up to the MPOC to decide on the content of the signages, which will be adopted through an ordinance. 
Acod said the Tuba MPS will also suggest for the establishment of a community police action center within the area.
“It is an area where there are very few houses that’s why we coordinated with the Benguet Electric Cooperative for immediate lighting, which is part of police security,” he said.
He said part of the area is also a resting place and staging area of truck drivers going up to Baguio. 
“We are planning to tap farmers and truckers and those who rest at the area to be our private eye for any suspicious activities,” he said.
The police will also look for witnesses and other stakeholders who could give information regarding the dumping of cadavers.
Acod said tanods and Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams do not patrol the area because it is not a residential site.
After the discovery of the bodies, he said the MPS would recommend during the upcoming barangay assembly of Taloy Sur that there should be regular patrolling in the area. – Ofelia C. Empian