July 19, 2024

Although two years have passed since the City Environment and Parks Management Office launched project Dibshi Jen Dibsho, nine refurbished book sheds still beckon and offer precious minutes, hours or maybe days of reading pleasure.

As long as the utility cabinets over the benches hold books or reading materials, anyone could reach up and get one and lose oneself in the pages’ prints, colors or photos. Or promenaders may simply sit at the shed, rest and simply watch the world go by.

Conversations between friends or strangers may also flourish in those benches.

Strategically located in Malcolm Square, Upper Session Road, Botanical Park (3) and Burnham Lake (4), the sheds contain diverse materials which are donations from book-reading advocates, residents, and non-residents. For specialized and other materials, however, the public is invited to the Baguio City Public Library at Burnham Park. 

To keep the project going, book donations are accepted at the Cepmo at City Hall, with Administrative Officer Sandra Almag as point person.

Dibshi jen Dibsho, in Ibaloy language means “free book/s,” was conceptualized by Cepmo head Rhenan Diwas who has always advocated the widening of one’s horizons and life’s perspectives through reading.

The sheds have been marked, “Take a book, read a book, share a book.”

An apt reminder is this quote: “There is only one thing that could replace a book: the next book.” – Julie G. Fianza