July 21, 2024

Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta called on members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) to take an active role in reforming the judiciary.
In his keynote message during the IBP’s 25th House of Delegates Convention in Baguio City, Jan. 24, Peralta outlined the policies and reforms he is pushing for toward a continuously dynamic and progressive judiciary anchored on efficiency, integrity, security and service.
His 10-point plan for the Supreme Court focuses on the elimination of backlog in the SC and all courts in the country; continuous revision of the rules of court and other procedural rules; better emphasis on skills-based training for judges and court personnel; automation of court processes; incorporation of court technology on hearings and trials; getting rid of misfits in the judiciary; strengthening of the Office of the Court Administrator in terms of effectively addressing the concerns of the lower courts; improvement of the security of judges and justices; setting up of 24/7 help desk in the SC which was already implemented; improvement on the procurement and bidding process in the judiciary, and creation of a Strategic Planning And Management Unit.
Peralta also encouraged IBP members to join the judicial branch. He said there are 695 vacant judge positions and with the implementation of the Judges at Large Act, 50 slots for roving judges have just been opened.
“There is a need for lawyers to heed the call of public service by applying as members of the defense and contributing to the administrative and adjudicative efficiency of our courts,” Peralta said, adding that the salary of judges is now as competitive with lawyers in private practice.
In the same occasion, IBP hosted a testimonial lunch for the chief justice. IBP Ilocos Norte Chapter president Bernie Francis Constantine, governor for Northern Luzon Doorstep Aquila and past IBP governor for Southern Luzon Ramon Esguerra delivered the testimonial messages while IBP officials and convention delegates from the different parts of the country offered a toast for Peralta in support of his leadership. – Carlito C. Dar