June 24, 2024

May our virtual and real stockings be filled with these gifts and treasures this Christmas.
Time to be spent with our loved ones. Priceless moments for wonderful experiences and memories that last a lifetime.
Good health. The real wealth that makes us accomplish our goals in life.
Gratitude. It creates a happy heart. It opens gates to more blessings and bliss. It creates a positive outlook that prolongs life.
True friends. Can we really survive without them? For one thing they help us fight “coronaphobia.” They are the antidote to isolation.
Personal protective equipment. In times like this, we still cannot do without them.
Hope. It fuels the will to survive. Doctors and priests tell us hope is correlated with long life.
Vaccines that are accessible, affordable, and reliable.
Beautiful songs. They soothe the mind and the spirit.
The will to choose simplicity. We have seen it several times, less is more.
Love. It still makes the world go round.
Prayers and faith. They ought to be at the very core of all those Christmas stockings.
Positivity. The power to say no to negative thoughts that weaken our body.
The choice to be happy. John Steinbeck once said, “A sad soul can be just as lethal as a germ.” Hence, a sad soul can be as lethal as Covid-19.
The art of deep breathing. An old Chinese adage says that if we practice this, we can have the strength, wisdom, and courage of 10 tigers.
Peace. Peace in our mind and in our heart. It is the best sleeping pill. It definitely keeps the doctor away.
Laughter. It is still the best medicine.
Wishing everyone a joyous and blessed Christmas.