May 27, 2024

Stella Maria L. de Guia
We were craving for churros during a family simple get together.
According to research, “Churros are doughs which are crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. Coated with sugar and cinnamon and dipped in your favorite sauce, they make for a great snack with its right level of sweetness and chewiness”.
I had choco tableas and was ready to make thick tsokolate. On the other hand, tsokolate, also spelled chocolate, is a native Filipino thick hot chocolate drink. It is made from tabliya or tablea, tablets of pure ground roasted cacao beans, dissolved in water and milk. I searched on the Internet and Facebook for churros. We found three places.
Our best choice was “Oh My Churros Corner”. It was time to savor this delicious merienda. The polite response of Oh My Churros Shop was quick. It turned out that the shop was owned by a sweet young couple named Christian and Jonnalyn Guia. No, not relatives, missing the “de” there.
Christian is an Information Technology graduate while Jonnalyn has a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree.The couple was looking for a business sometime in December 2018 that would cater to students and found a place at 127 A. Bonifacio St., Barangay ABCR, just infront of Saint Louis University gate 2. Their updated business hours are 10 a.m. to 5p.m.from Monday to Friday with contact number 09751307066. With churros and tsokolate, we had a perfect combination for snack.
We ordered several 10pieces/set churros. The price was reasonable and there was already a chocolate dip that went with the orders. But if you still want tsokalate to drink, you might as well make your own, with readily available tableas at the supermarkets. Their churros definitely fit the slogan, “ Make our churros, your churros.” Really yummy!
Christian and Jonnalyn closed shop for a while due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With students as their made clientele, the shop was affected. They recently reopened.
When asked what was their inspiration in choosing this business, Christian and Jonnalyn replied: “We wanted to have a business that was not so common in Baguio. We found out that there were not so many selling churros. It was a perfect match, as we wanted a product that was to be dipped in chocolate”.
Their most sellable items are  Churros with chocolate filling and Churros with ice cream. It takes about five to seven minutes to make an order, hence they advise customers to order them earlier to make them fresh.
There you go, craving solved.