May 22, 2024

Breakthrough Covid-19 infection cases or patients contracting the virus despite being fully vaccinated has noticeably increased in the city amid the surge in cases but the number remains minimal at below one percent.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the city recorded a 0.49 percent breakthrough infection rate as of Sept. 19 with 587 fully vaccinated individuals contracting the virus out of the 119,589 who received their full dose.
This jumped from the last count of 0.24 percent infection rate computed last Aug. 26.
The 587 contracted the virus 14 days after their final vaccine dose.
There were also those who got infected before their second dose numbering 182 and those who received their second dose but before the 14th day of their final dose at 96. These however are not considered as breakthrough cases.
City Health Officer Rowena Galpo said majority of the breakthrough patients are asymptomatic to mild, which meant that vaccines delivered on their purpose to prevent severe symptoms and death.
The CHSO said breakthrough infections happen because no vaccines are 100 percent effective against the infection but they are highly effective against severe symptoms that lessen the chances of getting hospitalized or dying.
City Epidemiologist Donnabel Panes said people have different capabilities to produce antibodies, which is why some do not get infected while some still do.
Other factors that affect breakthrough infections are the variant that infected the person and the type of vaccine used.
The occurrence of breakthrough cases also cannot be avoided in an urban setting like Baguio City where social mixing is inherent. – Aileen P. Refuerzo