April 13, 2024

The city council has invited anew Market Superintendent Ceasar M. Emilio and City Treasurer Alex Cabarubbias in their next session to explain the rules on the operation of vendors who were displaced by the fire at blocks 3 and 4 last March.

In a proposed resolution, Councilor Maria Mylen Victoria G. Yaranon said it is urgent that the market superintendent and the city treasurer be invited to explain the recent rules implemented on the resumption of vending which has allegedly displaced many vendors at blocks 3 and 4.

The city council earlier passed Resolution 174 supporting the relocation of displaced vendors to allow them to continue their livelihood at a similarly ideal location for vending that is accessible to market goers.

Yaranon said the rules being implemented by the concerned offices has allegedly caused confusion to the vendors, thus, the need for the concerned city officials to clarify before the situation worsens.

Copies of the resolution will be furnished to the offices of the Baguio City Public Market Superintendent and the City Treasurer for their information, guidance, reference and further action.

Over 1,000 vendors have been displaced by the fire that was said to have been due to an unattended cigarette butt. – PIO release