April 14, 2024

The city council passed Resolution 660, s. 2023 that granted authority for Mayor Benjamin Magalong to enter into a memorandum of agreement with the Commission on Population and Development-Cordillera (CPD) for the implementation of a program to address teenage pregnancies.

The Pagkalinga sa mga Kabataan Magulang at Kanilang mga Anak (Pagkalinga) Program seeks to address issues on adolescent pregnancies and protect young parents from its risks and vulnerabilities.

The program’s implementation shall only entail personnel and operational expenses.

“The issue of early pregnancies among the youth has significant implications for society, affecting the overall health, education and future prospects of young citizens,” the resolution stated.

The CPD-Cordillera is implementing on a pilot basis the Pagkalinga Program with the objective of preventing incidence of adolescent pregnancies and protecting adolescent parents and their children from the risks and vulnerabilities attendant to early pregnancies.

“The city government recognizes the critical role of adolescents and young people in local deve-lopment and the need to invest for their welfare not only as the future of the nation but also as a significant contributor to the current development of the locality. Among the issues hindering the development of adolescents is the incidence of early pregnancies,” the resolution stated.

The city government recognizes the alignment of the Pakalinga Program in its efforts to promote adolescent health and youth development and its social protection strategies, the measure added. – Gaby B. Keith