March 23, 2023

The city government of Baguio issued the guidelines on the ferrying of returning overseas Filipino workers.

In an advisory issued April 24, all drivers who will leave Baguio to ferry OFWs from Manila should secure a quarantine pass; drivers and passengers, including all OFWs, are mandated to fill up health declaration forms online which can be accessed at; require the arriving passengers to fill up the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration information form; make sure that food and water will be available for drivers and passengers while in transit; mask is mandatory during the duration of travel; drivers should prepare a bag containing clothes and underwear good for at least three days, toiletries, water and other essentials; drivers, as well as the repatriates, are considered possible cases so quarantine is warranted at the designated quarantine facility. Maximum quarantine period is 14 days.

Upon arrival at the checkpoint, OFWs must prepare their passport, quarantine pass from the Bureau of Quarantine, and laboratory result or chest X-ray result (if available).

Police escorts will accompany the OFWs to the Teachers’ Camp Quarantine facility.

All arriving OFWs shall proceed to the triage area located at the parking lot of Roxas Hall, Teachers’ Camp. Triage time is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. only.

Symptomatic OFWs and permanent resident should not be ferried with asymptomatic OFWs. Symptomatics shall be brought to the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center triage for assessment. Asymptomatics shall be escorted to Teachers’ Camp quarantine facility.

Only Baguio, Benguet, and Mountain Province residents are allowed to enter the city.

Upon arrival at the Teachers’ Camp, a guard shall guide the vehicle in the designated parking area; drivers outside Baguio will follow the “drop and go” policy; a police escort shall guide the OFW on the process of check in; a police escort shall instruct the OFW to secure valuable possessions, prepare necessary documents and proceed to triage.

At the triage area located at the entrance of Roxas Hall, Teachers’ Camp, a police escort shall instruct OFW to wash hands and maintain physical distancing.

Clients to be triaged will be prioritized according to age, if PWD, with child.

The health declaration form, case investigation form, travel pass, and Bureau of Quarantine certification will be validated by nurse on duty

The triage nurse shall alert the police escort if the client is found symptomatic; the police escort shall then inform the operations center to coordinate transport procedure.

All symptomatic clients will be referred to the hospital of choice where nasopharyngeal swab will be done.

If the swab test is negative, the client will be discharged and advised to undergo home quarantine if home setup can comply with the requirements of physical distancing, separate rooms, etc. Otherwise, the client shall be referred to designated isolation facility for Baguio residents.

Those who will be discharged for home isolation shall be given written instructions.

If the test result is positive, the client will be discharged and referred to the hospital.

The operation center of the quarantine facility shall inform district surveillance units prior to discharge for proper endorsement.

For Baguio City, the operation center shall make sure that all OFWs and permanent residents are encoded at the tracker. – PIO release