June 22, 2024

The city government is planning to transfer to the private sector the full responsibility for conducting triage services for billeted tourists, with most accommodation establishments already having their triage facilities.
“We are now winding down operation. Hinihintay ko na lang ang recommendation ng ating health office and we are going to give up our triage system siguro sa May,” said Mayor Benjamin Magalong.
He said the triage will be done by the hotels and other accommodation establishments which started establishing their facilities when the local government reopened the city to visitors.
Initially, there were only two hotels that were allowed to have their triage. Other accommodations will soon set up their own triage areas, allowing in-house guests to no longer proceed to the city’s central triage and instead go straight to their hotels to check their compliance with health requirements.
Magalong said the city has also transferred the management of the tourist online registration portal visita.baguio.gov.ph to the business sector through the Baguio Tourism Council.
Under the city’s rules, a tourist has to register at the online registration portal and generate a quick response code that will be shown at the border checkpoint.
In the process of registration, the tourist will be required to submit the name of the accommodation establishment where they will be staying or the address of a relative with whom the tourist will stay.
Tourists taking the bus will be triaged at the bus station or in the case of tourists arriving in private vehicles, at the central triage, or the accommodation establishment if they have a triage facility. – PNA