July 18, 2024

The Baguio Fire Department recorded 40 fire incidents in different parts of the city last year.
Fire Supt. Nestor Gorio, Baguio City Fire Marshal, said most of the fire incidents were structural in nature. Others were forest fires.
He said among the causes of these fires were open flame, unattended lighted candle, and children playing with matches and lighters.
 Of the recorded fire incidents, five occurred each in the months of January, June and December while four incidents each were recorded in February, March, August, October and November.
Two fire incidents were recorded in July and one each happened in April, May, August, and September.
Gorio said this year, nine fire incidents were reported in January and five occurred in February.               
During the launching of the Fire Prevention Month on March 1, the Baguio Fire Department recorded three fire incidents in the city of which two were structural fires and one was a forest fire.
Gorio said the Fire Department continues to engage stakeholders in the barangays to serve as volunteers that will augment the existing staff of the office and help them in fire prevention and suppression efforts.
He assured the public of the Fire Department’s timely response during fire incidents and other natural and human-made calamities.
Gorio advised parents to make sure that matches and lighters are out of the reach of children and close their stoves or properly put off the fire in open flames to prevent the occurrence of fire.
He said the two structural fires that transpired during the launching of the Fire Prevention Month were caused by the failure of residents to put off the fire from the wood that they used for cooking.
He also called on smokers not to deliberately dispose of their cigarette butts as these had also been one of the causes of fire incidents.
Aside from the volunteers from the city’s barangays, the Baguio fire Department continues to engage the private sector for the organization of volunteers who can extend assistance in fire prevention efforts. – PIO release