April 20, 2024

City officials encouraged the strengthening of mental health programs in public and private workplaces in the city.

In Resolution 647, s. 2023, the city council stated that mental health programs in workplaces promote work-life balance among employees as they are not just functionaries but also human beings.

With a sound mental health, they said productivity and motivation among the workers will be higher and as a result, the workplaces will be avenues where employees can see themselves thrive in all aspects and portray positive changes.

The resolution adopted the proposal of Senior Citizens officials For-A-Day Council that encouraged the establishment or strengthening of mental health programs in workplaces.

It is in line with Republic Act 11036 or the Mental Health Act, which mandates the integration of strategies promoting mental health in educational institutions, the workplace, and in communities.

Earlier, the Department of Labor and Employment issued Department Order 201, s. 2020 providing guidelines for the implementation of mental health workplace policies and programs in the private sector and was supplemented in Labor Advisory 19, s. 2023.

The council said healthy and productive people are the heart of high performing organizations and that one aspect of having the said characteristic of people is their positive mental health.

It added mental health should be recognized as an important component of a healthy workplace aside from its physical conditions.

The council added protecting and promoting mental health at work is about strengthening capacities to recognize and act on mental health conditions at work apart from being able to provide a positive impact on overall health and involves actions that create living conditions and environments for people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.

According to the council, a healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved without a sound mental health. – PIO release