April 15, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Philippine National Police urged local officials and citizens to put into action their resolutions that declared New People’s Army rebels as persona non grata.
“We must convince our relatives, friends, and tribemates who are supporting terrorists to reflect on their misguided decision and to understand the true objectives of the NPAs and their front organizations, which is to sow terror,” said Kalinga Provincial Police Director, Col. Davy Vicente Limmong.
“In the first place, terrorism is not welcome in Kalinga and in the Cordillera because it destroys relationships and causes tribal conflicts,” Limong said.
“Even engaging in illegal drugs is not accepted as a means to generate income for the family. It is an illicit trade, considered a violation of the three core values of the i-Kalingas on paniyaw, bain, and ngilin.” 
“There are a lot of testimonies from rebel returnees who realized they are fighting a wrong and useless cause, which is why they left the NPA movement,” he said, adding this should also be the launching pad of local officials in convincing the remaining NPA rebels to surrender.
Limmong said it is the LGUs’ responsibility to bar marijuana planting and it’s the citizen’s moral obligation to tell their neighbors planting the prohibited crop to stop from their illegal activity. – Dan B. Codamon