April 17, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong advised the City Engineering Office to construct a footpath as an immediate solution to the plight of the community near the Loakan Airport who were disallowed to use the runway as their access road.
Residents near the airport’s buffer zone were disallowed to use the runway since the resumption of commercial flights on Dec. 16, 2022 for safety and security reasons.
Taking into consideration the plight of students and workers, the mayor instructed the CEO to construct a footpath as a temporary solution.
In the technical plan of the CEO, at least five lot owners will be affected in the construction of the pathway.
“The bottom line is all stakeholders of every project should be engaged and well informed to get their reactions and feedback so that when we implement, there will be alignment. Stakeholder engagement is the key to the success of a project or program,” the mayor said.
Aside from the pathway, he instructed his technical personnel to coordinate with Department of Public Works and Highways Cordillera Director Khadaffy D. Tanggol for the construction of an alternate road as a permanent solution for the community affected by the closure of Loakan airport’s runway to pedestrians.  
He assured he already discussed the proposal with the DPWH but he needs to know the projected cost for alignment of projects including challenges if there will be.
“We need to move fast to be able to secure a budget for 2024,” the mayor said, referring to the development of an alternate road as long-term solution. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan