May 18, 2024

The principle of continuity is usually applied in filmmaking, where every detail in a film must be consistent from every shot; from every scene. This must be done by adjusting some props and costumes, lighting setup, and the camera and audio settings for every detail to be consistent throughout a scene.
The saying, “The show must go on” applies to life. Everything in life has to move forward. You may have to adjust or even change a few things to keep the transition smooth.
I was in second year college when the pandemic started two years ago. We were hindered from exploring the rest of the world and we were restricted to our houses. Nonetheless, as an ambitious student searching his way to his future, I am a graduating Communication student taking up my internship.
Internship is one of the most awaited and influential parts of college student’s life. Internship allows students a hands-on experience in authentic, real-world contexts. These experiences are essential as they complement the theories learned in the classroom. Internship is also a training ground that helps improve student engagement and educational outcomes.
This is a relevant discipline-related supervised work experience with intentional learning outcomes and goals for students like me.
In a traditional internship setup, students work at a local or national media outfit. However, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted this face-to-face experience.
Despite the pandemic, I am grateful that I was able to move forward and adopt the “new normal”. While most of today’s activities are being done online, internships are also done virtually through digital meetings and video conferencing. We were able to find ways on how we could conduct interviews for our news, submit audio and video outputs, and conduct photo and video shoots while following safety protocols.
Internship is just like any other life concerns. Like a breakup where you experience sorrow because of the loss of someone important, you need to move one, just like in life. We expect that tomorrow constantly comes. We are all stuck with the hassle brought by the pandemic, but isn’t it that life is about survival? We seek ways to live amidst the challenges life throws upon us. We want to achieve our dreams, hoping for a bright future, and we cannot afford to pause and wait for this pandemic to end.
We have to keep moving on; that is continuity. (PHILIP JUSTINE B. LLANA)