July 24, 2024

Efforts to discover junior golfers in the country resumed, as the National Golf Association of the Philippines Junior Series 2023 drew Cordilleran players during the Pinewoods Championship edition on weekend.

While majority of the podium finishers were from outside the region, a few Baguio golfers made it to the top 10 despite lack of training compared to other participants from Manila and Davao.

NGAP JUNGOLF WINNERS — Officials of the National Golf Association of the Philippines presented the winners in the different divisions of the NGAP Philippines Junior Series 2023 Pinewoods Championship. Some junior golfers from the Cordillera joined the tournament. — NGAP photo

Shinichi Suzuki topped the elite Class A boys (15 to 18 years old) via sudden-death playoff with Edison Tabalin after both players carded an identical 219 points after three rounds.

David Charles Serdenia placed third with 238 points.

Baguio golfers Melchor Carlos Rabanes II and Emilio Curran had 252 and 255 points, respectively to place eighth and ninth in the elite division.

Tristan Jefferson Padilla topped the Class B boys (13 to 14 years old) with 229 points followed by Sebastian Saycon with 292 and Ramon Andres Fabie with 334 points.

The Class A girls was dominated by Gabie Rosca with 233 points followed by Julianna Kristine Go with 251 points and Sophia Abigail Abarcas with 254 points.

Baguio golfer Zyrah De Leon placed third in the Class B girls with 303 points, as Levonne Talion topped the category with 261 points followed by Chloe Nicole Rada with 291 points.

The Class C boys championship trophy went to Javier Stefano Bautista with 63 points followed by William Sulit with 53 and Rocco Buser with 41 while the Class D boys was topped by Ryuji Suzuki with 88 points followed by Race Phoenix Manhit with 80 and Luis Espinosa with 74.

Precious Elizabeth Zaragosa topped the Class C girls with 53 points followed by Tiffany Markita Bernardino with 46 points.

The Class D girls championship trophy went to Casedy Chime Cuenca with 53 points followed by Tea Kelsey Bernardino with 46 and Maurysse Abalos with 25.

NGAP will hold more tournaments in other parts of the country with a hope of discovering athletes who will soon represent the country in global competitions. – Harley F. Palangchao