June 20, 2024

The city council has approved Ordinance 22, s. 2024 or the “Baguio City Local Public Transport Route Plan (LPTRP) 2021-2025.”
The ordinance aims to consolidate numerous and replicated routes of public utility jeepneys into 29 rationalized routes with an additional two new/developmental routes to enable systematic management and monitoring by concerned government agencies, provide commuters with a convenient mode of transportation and broader and accessible routes, and provide operators and drivers equitable income and benefits.
The ordinance complies with Department Order 2017-011 of the Department of Transportation and Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) 1, s. 2017 of the DOTR and the Department of the Interior and Local Government for the local government units to promote reliable, safe, accessible, environmentally sound, and comfortable public utility vehicles (PUVs) for the efficient performance of daily socio-economic activities.
The LPTRP is prepared by concerned local government units and approved by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board detailing the route network, modes, and required units per mode for delivering land transport services within the local unit’s area of jurisdiction.
This serves as the basis of a comprehensive local transport plan and as the minimum requirement prescribed for the issuance of PUV franchises to qualified applicants.
Per the JMC, the ordinance adopting the LPTRP shall be endorsed to the LTFRB which shall be the basis for a transparent operator selection and issuance of franchises.
Under the ordinance, the city’s local route plan shall apply to the rationalized routes and new/developmental routes under the Notice of Compliance (NOC) with detailed route structure, authorized mode of transportation, and authorized number of units as prescribed in the said NOC granted by LTFRB onDec.18, 2023.
These are the Mines View Line: route length of 5.45 kilometers for 52 authorized units; Navy Base-Pacdal Liteng line: 5.08 km., 66 units; Pacdal-Maria Basa-Tiptop line: 5.7 km., 30 units; Country Club-Lucnab-eastern link line: 6.8 km. (Country Club, 21 units and Lucnab, 13 units); Loakan Airport-Epza line: 7.495 km., 40 units; PNR-Greenwater-Military Cut Off-Hillside-Gabriala Silang-Dagsian line: 4.13 km., 45 units; Camp John Hay-Scout Barrio line: 4.455 km., 25 units; BGH-Campo Sioco line: 3.4 km., 64 units; City Camp District line: 1.8 km., 40 units; PMA-Kias line: nine km., 60 units; Kadaclan-Happy Hallow line: nine km., 11 units; Kennon line: 5.8 km, 107 units; Bakakeng line: 7.25 km., 87 units; Crystal Cave line: 5.5 km., 37 units.
Dontogan-Sto. Tomas line: 8.56 km., 66 units; Palispis-Bengao-Sto. Niño-Kitma line: 2.55 km., 35 units; Guisad Valley line: 2.55 km.,24 units; Fairview line: 2.34 km., 24 units; Pinsao Pilot line: four km., 30 units; Asin-San Luis line:4.28 km., 85 units; Lourdes Dominican line:2.85 km., 30 units; Quezon Hill line: four km., 65 units; San Carlos Heights line: 4.96 km. (St. Patrick Idogan NPC with 20 units and San Carlos Heights Sariling Sikap, 17 units); Irisan-Quirino Highway line 1:7.84-km., 83 units and line 2: 7.86-km, 15 units); Quirino Hill line: 4.305-km., 51 units; Pinget line: 3.515 km., 38 units; Aurora Hill District l ine:4.37 km., 113 units; Trancoville District line: 4.55 km., 120 units; Honeymoon-Holyghost-Brookside line: 3.02 km., 30 units.
The total number of units for the rationalized routes is 1,544.
The new/developmental routes are the circumferential line 1: Quirino Highway (PHISCI)-Muñoz Drive-Asin Rd.-Jared Pine Bend-Puyat Avenue-Palispis Highway-Balacbac-Bakakeng-Camp 7 Bypass Rd.-Kennon Rd.-Loakan Rd. (Peza), vice versa and Circumferential Line 2: Bell Church-Magsaysay Avenue-M. Roxas St.-Lower Brookside-Leonard Wood Rd.-Illusorio Drive-South Drive-Loakan Rd. (Peza), vice versa, both with a route length of 15-km. for 15 units.
In addition, the tourism lines (Route 1: Mines View-Camp John Hay-PMA-SM-Burnham Park; and Route 2: Burnham Park-Lourdes Grotto-Tam-awan Village-Stone Kingdom) both for five-km. using electric vehicles of 15 units.
The LPTRP can be modified, amended, expanded, or updated, such as by shortening, extending, or changing the routes, anytime during its effectivity as determined by the Traffic and Transportation Management Division (TTMD), City Engineering Office (CEO), or authorized office to be created if any, to suit the transportation demands and development requirements of the city government by applicable rules and regulations.
Under the ordinance, the LTFRB shall impose appropriate sanctions or penalties, including the suspension or cancellation of the franchise, against any operator who will violate the plan or commit acts inimical to the interest of the traveling public in the city by applicable rules and regulations.
The TTMD-CEO shall submit a quarterly report to the City Council and the City Mayor’s Office on the efficiency of implementing the Ordinance.
The ordinance repeals or modifies accordingly all prior ordinances, executive orders, administrative orders, rules and regulations, or part/s thereof that are inconsistent with its provisions.
A copy of the ordinance was submitted to the Office of City Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his signature.
The city council through Resolution 309, s. 2024 has authorized the Time Trial Events to hold its “Fun Run with Dad” activity as part of the city’s Father’s Day celebration on June 16 which will start at Lake Drive, encompassing a scenic journey through Kisad Road, Military Cut-Off, Panagbenga Park, and Loakan Road and back to its starting point.
In Resolution 315, s. 2024, the city council commended 35 barangays of Baguio that were conferred the “Seal of Good Local Governance for Barangay (SGLGB) for 2023” by the Department of the Interior and Local Government.
The SGLGB is an annual performance assessment and recognition system that evaluates barangays based on various governance areas to encourage local service improvement through recognition and incentives.
These are Atok Trail, AZKCO, Camdas Subdivision, Fort del Pilar, Kabayanihan, Burnham-Legarda, Lourdes Subdivision Extension, Lower Lourdes Subdivision, Palma Urbano, Lower Quirino Hill, Teodora Alonzo, Trancoville, Bakakeng Central, Camp 7, Camp Allen, City Camp Central, Dominican Hill-Mirador, Engineer’s Hill, Fairview Village, Hillside, Middle Quirino Hill, Kias, Loakan-Liwanag, and Loakan Proper.
Also awarded are Upper Market Subdivision, MRR-Queen of Peace, Upper Quirino-Magsaysay, Upper Rock Quarry, Imelda Village, San Antonio Village, San Roque, Santo Tomas Proper, Scout Barrio, Session-Governor Pack Road, Pacdal.
A copy of the resolution was furnished the 35 as a token of recognition and appreciation for their exemplary achievements.