March 5, 2024

City officials expressed gratitude and appreciation to PhilSurv Geodetic Service for donating a Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) topographical survey to the city government.

In a resolution, the city council stated that the local government is thankful and appreciative that the PhilSurv Geodetic Service chose the city as one of the beneficiaries of their very useful technology and the city commends and expresses its profound appreciation to the company for this donation.

Earlier, PhilSurv Geodetic Service signed a deed of donation in favor of the city government for a Lidar topographical survey instrument.

This Lidar topographical survey instrument is worth around P12 million which aims to inform possible boundary disputes, encroachments, errors in technical descriptions, the exact location of the land on the ground as per title, and other land issues that need to be considered in land development in the city while the survey plans are designed to provide accurate information of the actual conditions of a construction sites for their design requirements.

The survey instrument intends to provide information that may be of use not just for the current issues but also for the future issues that the city government may come across. – PIO release