June 24, 2024

The city council invited representatives of Goshen Land Capital, Inc. and concerned residents of New Lucban to thresh out issues concerning the construction of a 10-floor dormitory by Goshen Land at Purok 3.
Residents of New Lucban Barangay earlier filed a petition to the Mayor’s Office opposing the Stanford Residences Dormitory project, claiming the land developer encroached on the right-of-way (ROW) at Purok 3. They said the developer did not acquire permits and did not consult the residents.
The petition added the company’s heavy trucks and machinery caused cracks on the access road, which can only accommodate light vehicles.
They added there was no soil test conducted prior to the construction.
John Tabisola, a resident of New Lucban Barangay, said the road easement affected by the ongoing construction was granted to the barangay by the city government and the lot owner.
Atty. Alexander Bangsoy, CEO of Goshen Land, disputed the claim that there were no consultations with the residents.
He showed pictures during public consultations and documents proving that there were notices issued by the barangay regarding the presentation of the project to the residents.
He also showed copies of excavation, fencing, demolition, and development permits acquired from concerned offices and agencies and a copy of the results of the soil test on the area.
However, he admitted the City Planning and Development Office and City Building and Architecture Office are yet to issue the locational clearance and building permit.
Bangsoy said their building permit has been pending for months now even if the company complied with the requirements for its issuance.
He added the locational permit was ready for release but was again delayed due to the complaint filed by the residents.
Despite the absence of the two building requirements, the company commenced construction before the rainy season to avoid inconveniences.
Bangsoy said the affected road is not the legal road that has a six-meter ROW as annotated in the lot’s title. A map showed the affected road is perpendicular to the existing road.
Contrary to the statement of the petitioners, he said some residential structures around the site were the ones that encroached on the legal road’s ROW.
He however said the company would not resort to any move leading to the demolition of the structures.
He added it was the affected road that encroached on the Carantes property that was bought by Goshen Land.
He proposed that the company would give up a portion of its land with an area of 227 square meters as a road easement.
Bangsoy apologized to the residents for the cracks on the road caused by the construction and promised the company would undertake the repair and maintain the road access during and after the construction.
Tabisola said they would sit down with Councilor Mylen Victoria Yaranon, chairperson of the committee on public works, to discuss the merit of Goshen Land’s proposal.
The Stanford Residences Dormitory will accommodate students, mostly those studying at the main campus of Saint Louis University.
The structure has 200 units. Each unit can accommodate up to four individuals.
Bangsoy said the dormitory would enhance the living experience of students in the city. – Jordan G. Habbiling