May 27, 2024

City Councilor Philian Louise Weygan-Allan wants all meat vendor, broker, and handler associations to conduct semi-annual seminars to ensure that all their members are aware of the laws governing their business.

Although the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office and the Meat Market Monitoring Task Force (MMMTF) constantly orient vendors, Weygan-Allan said it is still necessary that these associations conduct seminars or trainings for their members.

The proposal for private-sector organized seminar aims to reach more vendors, handlers, and brokers about the laws affecting their business to avoid being penalized.

In the inventory of the MMMTF, Weygan-Allan said the total number of meat vendors in the market is around 300, which is approximately the same number of meat vendors outside the market – a number that is “voluminous” for hourly monitoring of the task force and the CVAO.

The proposed schedules of training shall be before June and the second training after July of each year. A proof of attendance to the training shall be presented to the appropriate department/office before a health certificate is issued.

The proposed ordinance also requires all meat vendors, brokers, and handlers operating in the city to be members of a meat-related association. These associations may be organized based on meat categories as meat handler, meat broker and/or vendor, or chicken dealer, hog raiser, hog dealer, or other appropriate classifications.

These associations shall also be registered with the Department of Labor and Employment so they can also avail of programs extended by the agency.

The MMMTF shall be primarily responsible in monitoring the conduct of the seminar. The associations shall monitor their own members.

The MMMTF may penalize those who do not comply with the ordinance by not issuing permits to the owner of the business or by closing it. – Jordan G. Habbiling