June 21, 2024

Ventilation is the key.
The City Health Services Office has reiterated that good air circulation at home and offices will dispel virus in case an infected person was infected with the Covid-19 but is unaware of it. 
Engr. Charles Bryan Carame, CHSO Sanitation Division chief, said in an ordinary household setting, the windows should be fully opened to let natural air in.
“If you have curtains, open it wide or better yet remove the curtains since it disrupts air flow,” Carame said.
If ventilation is not adequate at home or in the office, Carame recommended the use of electric fan to circulate stale air. “But positioning is very important when using electric fans. It should be located from the source of air towards an exit but see to it that it is not obstructed by an individual who may or may not carry the virus,” he said.
The World Health Organization recently issued advisories saying that Covid-19 particles linger in the air for up to 16 hours, thus ventilation is vital.
The WHO described the Delta variant as a combination of mutations, which makes it two times transmissible than the original virus.
“In an indoor space where the ventilation is not adequate, somebody with the infection could have come and gone, but the virus still lingers in the air. So, if you walk through that area and you breathe that air, you could get infected,” the WHO warned.
While there is no Delta variant yet in Baguio, the CHSO reminded the public that a simple home or office ventilation would go a long way against contracting Covid-19. – Jessa Samidan