March 30, 2023

The city council requested the municipal government of La Trinidad to cooperate with the city government in the synchronization of the number coding schemes for the two localities.
Councilor Benny Bomogao, chairperson of the committee on public utilities, transportation, and traffic legislation, said the city and La Trinidad have their respective ordinances prescribing a number coding scheme for motor vehicles.
Bomogao said the number coding schemes must be in sync to avoid causing confusion to drivers, the riding public, and traffic enforcers.
He added the synchronization will benefit residents of Baguio City and La Trinidad, most of whom are crossing the Baguio-La Trinidad borders with inter-municipal public utility vehicles as their mode of transportation.
On April 10, Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued Executive Order 51, s. 2021 prescribing the revised general guidelines for the city while it is under general community quarantine.
Pursuant to section 4 of the EO, the Baguio Traffic Management Working Group issued a temporary transportation scheme for the city effective Aug. 1 until December unless shortened due to changes in the quarantine classification.
The advisory provides the number coding scheme for taxi service can be changed to adjust to the quarantine classification in consultation with stakeholders.
Earlier, the municipal government of La Trinidad implemented a modified coding scheme for Baguio-based taxis plying the municipality, but said scheme ended on July 31.
Mayor Romeo Salda was quoted as saying the local government will implement its own number coding scheme to “help in sustaining the gains of effective and efficient traffic management in the locality.” – Jordan G. Habbiling