April 23, 2024

The city council has requested the Department of Foreign Affairs through Resolution 299, s. 2022 to authorize the DFA-Baguio consular office to render apostille services for residents of the Cordillera, and neighboring municipalities and local government units.

More services available at the Baguio consular office are for convenience and cost-effective and time-saving for clients in tune with the office’s duty to provide prompt and quality public service.

An apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document. It is issued by a country that is a party to the Apostille Convention to be used in another country which is also a party to the convention. It is issued by authenticating units of the DFA-Office of Consular Affairs. An apostille signifies the legitimacy and authenticity of the document;

After the Philippines officially became a party on May 14, 2019 to the Apostille Convention, DFA stopped issuing authentication certificates or red ribbon and instead affixes an apostille to documents executed in the Philippines for use abroad or country, which is a party to the Apostille Convention.

The city council through Resolution 301, s. 2022 has granted authority to City Mayor Benjamin Magalong enter into an agreement with Globe Telecom and any other equally qualified online payment service provider for the adoption of additional or alternative mode of payment of taxes, fees, and charges due to the city government.

Online payment service is among the effective schemes to carry out key trending programs such as speeding up government processesand Smart City, which are among the core agenda of the administration set to be available for the public by the end of the year.

The agreement is subject to confirmation by the city council based oncomparative evaluation made for the purpose that the would-be or prospect service provider is more advantageous, justified, or efficient over others.

In separate resolutions, the city council commended three Baguio residents for their exemplary act of honesty, uprightness, and integrity.

They are all from Dr. Cariño St., GEFA-Lower QM barangay, who in different dates and places, happened to found lost cellphones and without hesitation immediately made efforts and personally returned them to the rightful owners.

Thankful owners who promptly received their lost and found cellphones are Baguio City residents Amie Eserio of Loakan-Apugan, Catherine Sison from Ferdinand barangay, and Peter Agpas of Sto. Tomas Proper.

The city council sent resolutions of condolences to the family of the late Ang Yok Kuan also known as “William Ang,” former president of the Baguio Patriotic High School and was part of various committees behind Lunar New Year festivities in the city for over 30 years.

Ang, born on Sept. 2, 1932 in Xiamen, China and arrived with his family in the city in 1947, was among the pillars of the Association of Philippine-China Understanding-Baguio Chapter, the Baguio Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Inc., and the Lion’s Club International. He helped established the sisterhood relations between the Baguio City and Hangzhou City, China.

His silent civic involvements were recognized through awards by various reputable entities and offices in the city. He was also awarded the Most Outstanding Senior Citizen of Baguio by different esteemed associations and federation of senior citizens, retirees and veterans.

As one of the earliest photographers in the city, he travelled throughout the Cordillera taking scenic photos for commercial postcards that highlighted the beauty of the region and the Philippines.

“William Ang lived a full life. He may be Chinese by blood but he was definitely a Filipino by heart,” the resolution stated.

Another resolution of condolence was sent to the family of the late Abrino L. Aydinan aka “Sir Abring,” a former director of the Department of Agrarian Reform and chairperson of the Cordillera Regional Consultative Commission, who propelled countless developments and accomplishments in the department and the commission.

Aydinan, who hailed from Ifugao, was a veteran business journalist and founding chair of the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines at the height of turbulent political issues in the 1980s.

“His efforts and contributions to the region are well-appreciated and his demise is a great loss not only for his family and friends, but also to the Cordillera as a whole.”