June 20, 2024

The city council requested through Resolution 250 s. 2022 the City Environment and Parks Management Office to rectify the clothing of the sculptures at the Igorot Freedom Monument at the Igorot Garden.
The resolution states that if sculptures and monuments are constructed to depict culture and historical events, they should be made properly and meticulously to express their intended theme and represent the genuine culture and traditions of the place and its people.
The council amended the date of the “Forest Products Week” and the “Green Business Expo” to give time for the organizers to comply with requirements.
The two events which is supposed to be conducted simultaneously from June 5 to July, as part of the activities of the annual Pine Tree or Saleng Festival every June has been moved from Sept. 3 to 30 at Igorot Park and Melvin Jones, respectively.
The Forest Products Week recognizes the importance of forests especially in the production of wood and non-wood products and their environmental value over alternative materials while the Green Business Expo is an avenue towards green entrepreneurship.
In Resolution 249, s. 2022, the Department of Health-Cordilleraand the City Health Services Office were requested to assign a psychologist in every Covid-19 isolation unit in Baguio to provide counsel for the patients.
“The isolation of patients from their family and friends as part of the Covid-19 recovery process puts a barrier between their relationship with other people which could increase the possibility of problems on emotional and mental health.”
The resolution also mentioned about a memorandum of agreement between the City of Baguio and Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center relative to addressing stress and depression for Covid-19 patients but its scope is limited only to those admitted at the BGHMC.
Since Covid-19 patients, whether admitted at the BGHMC isolation unit or confined in other isolation units, are under similar deg-rees of stress and anxiety, counselling services at isolation units is a must. This is to guide patients alleviate their situation because good and positive mental attitude could boost immune cells which helps the body fight off sickness and discomfort.
Due to the rising cost of fuel, the city council through Resolution 263, s. 2022 requested anew the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board-Cordillera for a provisional fare increase for public utility vehicles in Baguio.
The resolution is a follow up on the council’s earlier appeal in Resolution 123 s. 2022.