February 26, 2024

The city council through Resolution 337, s. 2022 has requested the management of Baguio Teachers’ Camp to open to the public the existing access route from Leonard Wood Road traversing Teachers’ Camp and exiting South Drive.

The road serves as an access route of vehicles to ease traffic within the area especially during rush hours and surge of tourists and visitors, but it was temporarily closed at the height of the Covid-19 due to the operations of the Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility or Temporary Quarantine Facility/Triage Unit, which was accommodated within the Teachers’ Camp.

As issue of traffic congestion is a growing complaint in the city, like in the said area, the resolution stressed that more access routes/roads are among the possible solutions to lessen inconveniences of residents and tourists especially with the opening of face-to-face classes after two years of distance learning.

In Resolution 339, s. 2022, the city council has designated its five representatives to the selection committee of the Public-Private Partnership for the People Initiative (P4), thus completing the members to be able to carry out its functions in the pre-selection and selection process of PPP projects.

Under Ordinance 61, s. 2017 or the Baguio City P4 Code, the P4 selection committee is composed of a chairperson who is at least a third ranking officer of the city, the City Secretary, the City Treasurer, the City Planning and Development Officer, two representatives from accredited civil society organizations, people’s organizations and non-government organizations who are members of the City Development Council; and five representatives from the city council.

In addition, the body requested the secretariat of the committee to be furnished with all the minutes of the committee’s previous meetings and undertakings made relative to all the projects under consideration of the committee.

Relative to health and sports promotion, the city council has granted three organizations an authority to conduct fun run or foot races/events in the city in different schedules this year.

These are the Baguio City National High School on Aug. 12; the Slowfootrunner Events Management on Sept. 18; and the Intrepid Spirit, Inc. Robert Watson in December.

The action is consistent with the easing up of restrictions on the conduct of outdoor sports and physical activities and the programs of encouraging athletes and race enthusiasts to participate and showcase their skills, talents, and build sportsmanship and camaraderie among them.

Earlier, Rosario Velasco-Alberto was also granted an authority to conduct foot races/events in the city, subject to compliance with the provisions of the city’s Fun Run Ordinance, the minimum health protocols, the safety of the runners and pedestrians, and that the city has no liability for any untoward incident that may happen in the conduct of the events.

In separate resolutions, the city council allowed the conduct of various livelihood activities of different groups.

These include the product display-cum entrepreneurship and technical skills promotion by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Baguio-Benguet and Technical-Vocational Institutions on Aug. 20 to 27 at the Peoples Park/Malcolm Square in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Tesda.

Other events are the promotional activities by members of the Lion of the North Livelihood at Igorot Park from Aug. 1 to 26; Association of Irisan Ministries at Igorot Park, the schedule of which will be decided by the City Environment and Parks Management Office in consonance with the celebration of the Saleng Festival in September; and Baguio Plantito Plantita Fever at Igorot Park from Oct. 15 to Nov.15.

Baguio-based athletes and residents were conferred with resolutions of commendations for their exemplary achievements and performances in their respective fields of endeavor.

Those commended are Jefferson Coronado for garnering multiple awards during the 25th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts held last July 22 to 30 at Disneyland, Anaheim, California, U.S.A. and Rovilyn Mayat-an for her outstanding efforts as an individual and a community leader in promoting culture, arts, and micro-enterprise.

Also cited are Agustina Bantiloc, bronze medalist in the compound mixed team event during the 11th Association of Southeast Asian Nations Para Games held on July 30 to Aug. 6 in Surakarta, Indonesia and Police Staff Sgt. Miguelito Cruz Carranza, gold medalist in the 10-kilometer cross country team and individual events of the 2022 World Police and Fire Games held on July 22 to 31 at Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The boxer-members of the national team stationed at the Philippine Sports Commission-Teachers’ Camp who emerged victorious during the 2022 Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament on April 1 to 10 in Phuket, Thailand are Rogen Ladon, gold; Riza Pasuit, gold; Hergie Bacyadan, gold; Aira Villegas, silver; Ian Clark Bautista, silver; and coaches coach Roel Velasco and Reynaldo Galido.