February 28, 2024

The city council has approved Ordinance 90, s. 2023 institutionalizing the Mid-Autumn Festival in Baguio every 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar coinciding with the full moon or on a date determined by a festival executive committee.
The ordinance aims to strengthen and promote the city’s cultural identity, tourism, and local businesses through increased participation in the festivities.
The mid-autumn, also known as Mooncake or Lantern Festival, is a traditional East Asian celebration held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, which usually falls in late September or early October.
The celebration is marked by a variety of customs and traditions such as lantern lighting, family reunions, the giving and sharing of mooncakes, and the appreciation of the full moon which symbolizes unity and harmony. It embodies values such as family unity, cultural heritage, and community cohesion while also encouraging inclusivity and intercultural exchange in a diverse community like Baguio.
Under the ordinance, a festival executive committee is created composed of the city mayor as chairperson; and the city administrator and a representative from the Association of Baguio Chinese-Filipino Youth, Inc. as co-chairpersons and action officers.
The members include the committee chair on tourism, special events, parks and playgrounds; the city engineer; the city environment and parks management officer; and the city tourism officer.
Session Road is designated as the venue and central location for the activities to include, parades, cultural performances, food stalls, and other family-oriented activities.
To ensure the success of the festival, the city government shall encourage active participation of the different cultural communities as well as collaboration with relevant cultural and community organizations.
A copy of the ordinance was submitted to the office of City Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his signature.
The city council through Resolution 602, s. 2023 has approved the conduct of a 50-kilometer fun run on Nov. 5 with the route City Hall Ground-Sablan Proper and vice versa.
The goal of the event is to challenge athletes and race enthusiasts to push beyond their limits to become successful runners and champions.
The organizer, Slowfootrunner Events Management, is required to comply with Ordinance 46, s. 2016, which prescribes rules and regulations in the conduct of fun runs and other footraces in the city, and that the city government has no liability for any untoward incident that may happen to participants.
In Resolution 636, s. 2023, the city council allowed the selling of flowers and candles from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1 at Malcolm Square or People’s Park by members of the Baguio Flowers and Candle Vendors Association Retail Inc.
The approval is subject to compliance with the special permit and payment of all other fees due to the city for the duration of their selling activity.
In addition, the association is not allowed to sell other items but flowers and candles only in the conduct of the said activity.
The body also approved through Resolution 633, s. 2023 the holding on Oct. 29 in the city of Cosplay Day, which aims to promote and recognize the city’s vibrant and talented cosplayer community and their substantial contribution to the city’s culture, art, economy, and community building.
The event will be filled with wonderful and creative activities for everyone’s fun and enjoyment at the Art Bank, Athletic Bowl from Oct. 23 to 27 and another schedule at Upper Session Road on Oct. 29.
In Resolution 613, s. 2023, the city council has approved the conduct of the National Airsoft Tournament scheduled on Dec. 9 to 10.
The event is organized by the Baguio Highland Airsoft Group and co-sponsored by the city government. It will be held at the Melvin Jones grandstand and football field at Burnham Park.
Use of the venue is free, but the organizer shall pay for the overtime pay of city government personnel who will assist during the event, as well as the utility fees prescribed under Section 31 of Ordinance 18, s. 2016 or the Environment Code of the City of Baguio.
Further, the organizer shall coordinate with the City Environment and Parks Management Office for the use of the area, and no selling of any merchandise within the areas for the duration of the event.
In Resolution 632, s. 2023, the city council has expressed support to Senate Bill 297 entitled, “An Act Providing Automatic Promotion of Government Officials and Employees Upon Retirement from Government Service and for other purposes”.
The bill of Senator Francis Escudero stated all government officials and employees who are eligible for compulsory retirement shall be granted an automatic promotion equivalent to one grade level higher than his/her position at the time of retirement.
The adjusted salary grade level of the retiree shall be used as the basis for the computation of retirement pay.
The resolution stressed that employees of the city government are also worthy to receive the grant offered under the bill. A copy of the resolution was furnished to the Office of Senator Escudero for his information.