May 27, 2024

The city council has approved Ordinance 10, s. 2022 amending certain provisions of Ordinance 84, s. 2019 or the “Nonagenarian and Centenarian Awards Ordinance of the City of Baguio” to clarify further the matters on qualifications, other requirements, and manner of receiving the awards and benefits to make the program a genuine and meaningful one; ensure full recognition and entitlement of qualified nonagenarians and centenarians’ vested rights to their awards and benefits; and allow the family representative/nearest kin of awardees to receive the award and benefits on their behalf.
The award is given to nonagenarians or those between 90 and 99 years old and centenarians or those 100 or more years old, who are permanent Baguio resident for at least five years up to the date of the award of recognition.
Qualified awardees are required to be personally present to receive the award of recognition to be given by the city officials in a fitting ceremony, but if they are not capable to appear and receive their cash award due to exceptional circumstances, the city officials concerned shall visit them to personally accord the recognition and hand the cash award.
In case the qualified nonagenarian and centenarian died before receiving the cash award, it shall be awarded to a representative of the family of the awardee. The representative may be a spouse, children, sibling or the nearest of kin, retroactive September 2019, the date of approval of the Nonagenarian and Centenarian Awards Ordinance.
The family representative or next of kin, when claiming the cash award, must present a birth certificate, marriage certificate, school or office records, baptismal/confirmation records, and any other documents that will prove the age of the nonagenarian or centenarian.
Other documents to be presented by the claimant are death certificate of the deceased awardee; copy of a government-issued ID of the claimant; and a special power of attorney duly signed by the other surviving relatives/nearest of kin of the deceased awardee authorizing the family representative to receive the cash award on their behalf.
Upon recommendation of the committee on appropriations and finance, the city council has approved Ordinance 09, s. 2022 which allows reimbursement of P300 monthly to social workers and the social development workers of the city to be charged against the 2022 current appropriations under telephone expenses account of the City Social Welfare and Development Office.
City Social Welfare and Development Officer Betty Fangasan said the reimbursement is to sustain the monthly load requirement of their field personnel in reaching out to clients given the continuous cases of the Covid-19.
The city council, through a resolution, has tasked the City Legal Office, in coordination with the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office, to take legal action against violators of Ordinance 19, s. 2021 or The Responsible Dog Ownership Ordinance of Baguio City where no private offended party is involved, such as willful and conscious negligence of an owner to care for the dog, which puts additional burden on the community and the city government in the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for all.
The resolution reveals reports of dog owners not following and often violating their major role and responsibilities as enumerated under the city’s Dog Ordinance, such as to acquire and maintain dogs only if they are capable to provide the care and its needs.
This includes reports from animal welfare groups that there are dog owners who deliberately refuse to retrieve/redeem their dogs at the city pound, particularly in cases where the dogs are sick or in need of medical attention.
In Resolution 063, s. 2022, the body approved the hiring of casual services of one nurse I as mental health responder at the City Health Services Office from Jan. 1 to June 30, and the filling up of the vacant positions for medical officer IV, and medical officer III as per personnel schedule for 2022 under Ordinance 116, s. 2021, subject to the Merit Selection and Promotion Plan.
City Health Services Officer Rowena Galpo said hiring these personnel would augment their current health workforce that is working tirelessly in the fight against the pandemic.
In separate resolutions, the Department of Public Works and Highways-Baguio City District Engineering Office and the City Engineering Office were requested to conduct a joint relocation survey to determine the width of the road right-of-way along Adarna St. and the available greenbelt zone area for Dizon-Manzanillo Subdivision barangay in relation to the project, “Off-carriageway Improvement: Secondary Roads-Magsaysay Ave. (Trinidad Road) West Service Rd. – Chainage 000 – Chainage 244” and for the council, the barangay, with the City Planning and Development Office to identify other available areas for barangay community garden not necessarily within the greenbelt zone.
Approved for favorable review are the annual budgets for fiscal year 2022 of barangays Atok Trail – P4,177,909; Lower General Luna – P2,677,878; and South Drive – P2,957,339.