June 17, 2024

The city council through Resolution 359, s. 2021 has urged for the removal of confectionery products at the checkout counter of supermarkets and other similar establishments in the city.
The action is an earnest request to concerned owners or proprietors, managers, supervisors, heads or persons in-charge of these establishments to transfer/relocate displayed sweets products from the cashier counter to a place not easily seen or get the attention of young children.
The resolution is not meant to prohibit but to help in preventing children’s tantrums that usually occur at counter sections when parents refuse to buy sweets they want for health reasons. This is aligned with the city government’s healthy lifestyle program and the prohibition for school canteens not to sell products which are harmful to the health of children.
The measure also intends to keep parents from the stressful effect of public tantrums caused by children’s frustration to get impulsive products in front of them.
The resolution stated since among the causes of tantrums of children is their “feeling of being ignored,” like if they were not given the sweets they just saw and want at the checkout counter, then it is best to relocate these products, which are tempting and irresistible to children.
“Putting away candies and other sweetened products from the cashier area can minimize triggers of children’s tantrums and an act of support in promoting good health among them,” it stated.
In Resolution 364, s. 2021, Rocky Acofo Cajigan was commended for being one of the awardees during the Cultural Center of the Philippines-13 Artists Awards 2021.
Cajigan’s winning piece, the “Sanctum,” alludes both possible space or retreat and contemplation that was created on his perspective, which is deeply culturally and socially grounded that represents the Cordillera as a whole.
Cajigan, who was born in 1988 in Mountain Province, is a multi-media artist and writer who studied Bachelor of Arts in English at Saint Louis University. He explores and showcases his arts through culture materials and indigeneity inspired by Cordillera culture. He also has a solo exhibition in Blanc Gallery, MO Space and Drawing Room in Manila, and at Neng Sheng Xing Factory in Taiwan.
Among his greatest achievements as an artist is the 2016 Ateneo Art Awards’ Fernando Zobel Prizes for Visual Art for his solo show “Museumified,” which featured 22 assemblage pieces and sculptures made up of found objects and artifacts from the Cordillera.
Through Resolution 363, s. 2021, commendation was given to Easter Pablo, officer-in-charge of the Baguio City Public Library, for garnering second place in the 2021 Search for Gawad Parangal sa Natatanging Propesyunal na Tagapangasiwa at Tagapaglingkod sa Pampublikong Aklatan given by the National Library of the Philippines and The Asia Foundation.
The award is considered the highest and most prestigious recognition given to professional librarians and non-librarians working for the empowerment of libraries in the country.
Pablo, who has been a librarian for more than 23 years, also teaches board examination review for librarians, conducts institutional researches in the improvement of library services, and extends community service as a lecturer and resource speaker.
She ranked fourth in the Library Science Board Exam in 1999 and was conferred with degrees of Master in Public Administration and Master in Library and Information Technology and graduated Cum Laude.
The resolution stated the award is a manifestation of excellence and dedication in improving the practice of librarianship in the city and in the entire country. Pablo’s award has brought great recognition to the city and the entire region as the first librarian to receive such a highly respected honor and gives due recognition to the hard work and efforts of the entire Baguio City Public Library.
Centenarians Adelina Echanis Young, who was born on June 18, 1921 in Santiago, Ilocos Sur, and Juana Regala Torres, who was born on March 27, 1921 in Sasmuan, Pampanga were honored in separate resolutions.
Young is currently residing at her house with her 74-year-old son with distant relative caregiver at T. Bugallon Street, West Modernsite barangay.
Torres lives at their residential house at Loakan Proper where she lives with her 60-year-old son and 73-year-old daughter since 1978 and are taking care of her with her grandchildren.
Both centenarians enjoy the privileges and monetary gift as provided in ordinances and national law.