July 23, 2024

Teachers should be given a day off from their demanding job and to participate or initiate events in the month dedicated to them and those who have done extraordinary jobs must be formally recognized.
Two councilors want the city government to institutionalize the celebration of Teacher’s Month held every Sept. 5 to Oct. 5.
Councilor Jose Molintas has proposed an ordinance that sought to declare Oct. 5 as a special non-working day for teachers in Baguio.
Molintas said declaring Oct. 5 a non-working holiday will allow teachers to conduct activities, which will make them feel the importance of their role in nurturing and preparing their students to be responsible and active citizens of this City.
Under Republic Act 10743, Oct. 5 is a special working holiday, although agencies and offices directly are mandated to encourage and afford sufficient time and opportunities for their employees to engage and participate in any activity conducted in celebration of the National Teachers’ Day.
The proposal sought the creation of a Baguio Teacher’s Day Council to prepare and recommend for approval of the city mayor the programs and guidelines of activities for Teacher’s Day, among other functions.
In a related proposal, Councilor Arthur Allad-iw has sought the establishment of an awards system for teachers in the city.
To be called the Outstanding Teachers Awards ordinance, it sought to give recognition, commendations, and awards to qualified teachers for their length of service, exemplary achievements, and outstanding performance.
It also aims to encourage and support the teachers-initiated activities related to their professions, rights, and welfare.
The proposal sought the creation of a selection council tasked to come up with guidelines in choosing the outstanding teachers, which must foremost consider the contributions of the nominees with an impact to the education in the city, including research and Indigenous Peoples Education, among other functions.
Allad-iw proposed the recognition and awarding of the outstanding teachers in the city, conduct of educators’summit, and other activities that would help in the teachers’ professional development as among the activities every Oct. 5.
The proponents sought the allocation of P500,000 each for the implementation of their respective proposals. – Jane B. Cadalig