April 18, 2024

A lot of people, including me, are afraid of death. They don’t want to die because they fear about the future of their families. Leaving them, especially their kids, is not easy.
Whether we like it or not, death will embrace us anytime and anywhere. Hence, acceptance and readiness must be considered.
Death is somehow terrifying. However, it gives us lessons. It teaches humility. Everybody is destined to die. We will be leaving with empty hands. We can’t bring the wealth and positions we attained to our grave. People will remember us for our goodness or kindness and not our designations or positions and richness.
Hence, we should display humility. Let us treat others nicely and with respect regardless of who and what they are.
Cherish life. This is also a lesson that can be derived from death. We need to respect and protect the life we borrowed from God. Let us live well and happily. We only have one chance to live so we must make the most of it.
Death teaches us to be cautious about our health and daily activities. Health consciousness is important. One must observe a healthy life style. Eat a balance diet, perform daily exercise, and avoid smoking, drinking too much liquor, and taking illegal drugs.
The death of special persons in our life causes heartaches, sorrow, and grief.
Researches revealed that people may experience different stages. These include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
When my brother and uncle died, I almost have undergone those stages. Losing them made my world dim. It was really difficult to accept that they are already gone.
I miss them and always long for their presence. This taught me a lesson: We must show our love or affection to our family, relatives, and friends while they are still alive. Let us maintain an open and constant communication with them.
Death is unpredictable so it is always best to be prepared. Love unconditionally. This is important. It is important to spread our genuine love to our beloved ones.
Forgive them too if they upset and wronged you. Forgiveness is a manifestation of love.
Appreciation and emulation of accomplishments and good deeds of dead people is also useful. This can inspire us to be as successful and notable like them. We will surely follow their steps and ways.
Life has a beginning and an end. We were not born to live permanently in this world so let us continue to be good to others.
It is but right to remember our departed dearly loved during All Souls Day. We should offer them prayers for the repose of their soul. Other people also bring flowers and light candles on the tombs of their deceased family members. Some prepare or cook foods and butcher animals as offering and for family gathering or bonding.
We have different practices or traditions on All Souls Day. What matter most is our love and respect to them will forever flourish. Their beautiful memories should stay in our hearts. We should also look forward to meeting them again in God’s perfect time.