June 17, 2024

1. The regional police command is happy to report that Cordillera cops remain the most disciplined policemen with no one from its rank defying the no golf on weekdays policy.

2. The President seems right when he suspected that police maybe involved in the killing of a mayor, who was in the narco-list, while he was supposed to be secured with cops.

3. This early, some enterprising groups are thinking of possible reasons to convince those at City Hall to endorse their ‘money-making’ trade fairs during the Yuletide holidays.

4. The management of these two big and critical divisions of this LGU was transferred to one office and this could bring out the incompetence of those who love to power play.

5. There is no credit grabbing when present leaders are praised for the modern facilities and other projects inaugurated even when these were initiated by the past administration.

6. A favored company could end up laughing its way to the bank once it corners the delivery of high-end gadgets to this LGU and the hefty SOP of several individuals.

7. Sagada will surely ban enterprising groups engage in travel and tours for promoting that the “panag-aapoy” at the cemetery during All Saint’s Day is an open fire festival.

8. The once advocate of climate change who gave her authorized travel in the country and overseas is now also an advocate of a local creative economy even with lesser funding.

9. City Hall must seriously consider an expansion site for the Baguio public cemetery as the current graveyard operated since the 1950s has already reached maximum capacity.

10. Local authorities could hardly distinguish if bets collected are for small-town lottery or for poor man’s lottery but not for an ordinary bystander with no investigation skills.

11. Three local contractors are always trailing Cordillera congressmen in a bid to have a part of the multi-million infrastructure projects awarded to favored contractors.

12. This government employee, who has false sense of entitlement, would never apologize to a government cameraman whom he admonished for taking footage of a public office.