February 22, 2024

The Department of Health on Jan. 5 reported a second death due to firecrackers, also from the Ilocos Region and a companion of the first fatality.

The additional fatality was a 44-year-old-male who was in the same blasting incident reported by the DOH on Jan 2.

The first recorded death was a 38-year-old male who lit a cigarette while drinking with his companions near a firecracker storage.

The DOH also reported 15 new cases nationwide – four more confirmed stray bullet injuries and 11 firecracker-related injuries.

The new confirmed stray bullet injuries were a 28-year-old female from Calabarzon who sustained a gunshot wound to her right arm while watching fireworks outside their home; a 22-year-old female (left ear) and her 26-year-old brother (upper right back) from the Ilocos Region after their neighbor fired a gun; and a 22-year-old male from Northern Mindanao (right arm).

From Dec. 21, 2023 until 6 a.m. of Jan. 5, the DOH has recorded 600 injuries nationwide – 592 due to fireworks, one ingestion, and seven stray bullet injuries.

Fifty-three are still in hospitals.

About 64 percent of the fireworks related injuries are caused by kwitis (mini skyrocket), Five Star, “Pla-pla”, Whistle Bomb, luces (sparklers), boga (improvised cannon), and fountain fireworks. – PNA