April 16, 2024
The beginning of the snack with fries, nachos, and glazed chicken bites to be dipped in the cheddar, parmesan, and sharp cheese topped fondue.

Sometimes there is time to eat a snack only. The cheese lover that I am, I couldn’t resist the appealing fondue that everyone was enjoying at Everything but Cheese.
Of course, the commercial version of cheese never measures up to the real dairy-based editions. The texture is what makes it appealing, salty, gooey, and creamy. With each year that passes, cheese seems to have transitioned from the hard types like parmesan to the almost liquid types in tubes and bottles. This is what is used to fill the center of the bun that serves as the container of the main ingredient, cheese fondue.
In this three-cheese fondue, the French fries are perfectly sized in long strips to dip, bite, and chew. The bits of parmesan sprinkled on the top of the bun add flavor to the potatoes that are newly fried. This is picked up with a gloved hand to avoid the mushy stuff on one’s fingers.

The chicken dipped in the cheese.

To complement the carbohydrates is the honey chicken nuggets. This crispy sweet bite sized protein part of the food in the box dipped in the thickening cheese blends well with the salty dip. Almost like chips, the dark caramelized batter and tender chicken inside still have the charm of snacking.
Of course, nachos is a must in a snack. The square shaped chips made from flour give the experience a light crisp texture with a chewy topping. This is easily coated by the cheese dip and popped into the mouth then noisily eaten. The flavor of the nachos is of the popular and common type. This snack is actually bland and is made exciting by all the types of dips like tomatoes with onions and relish or the mayonnaise kind. To me, cheese is still my favorite.

In a neat waxed paper box, each part of the snack is the same as the photo.

This should have had onion rings but given the price and availability of the onions, the cashier apologized for its omission and said that additional nachos would be used to make up for the lack. I am not a big fan of onions and didn’t mind. But given the mild sweetness ofonions wrapped in a crispy batter, the cheese would have blended well with this too.
The sweet and pillowy bun is the last part of the snack that should be eaten. The cheese that lines it is enough to make the last part of the snack tasty. This is also used to mop up the remaining cheese at the bottom of the waxed paper box. If one could eat the bun as well, there could be no trace of anything but the plastic glove with the leftover cheese in this light but filling foodstuff.

The snack of fondue and brewed coffee.

This is accompanied by brewed coffee for me but there are juices and teas that should please a diner.
In all, this carbo loading is varied compared to sitting down with a bag of chips and soda. The interesting parts of the boxed meal or snack say a lot about the present generation of eaters. They like their meals as full flavored and textured. Elements should blend well and taste good. There should be changes in each mouthful while browsing through the images in the cellphone.
Enjoying this type of food that comes at Everything But Cheese. Check out the location on the web please.