June 14, 2024

A decade after the K to 12 curriculum has been approved for implementation by the Department of Education, issues and concerns about the curriculum have surfaced.
One of the concerns raised is the supposed lack of facilities and tools for the program.
Some students are still incompetent because they lack hands-on experiences. Even assuming that they become competent, another impediment is their age because some establishments refuse to employ them because of young age.
On the other hand, parents complain the curriculum is an additional burden to them and students consent with their opinion. But parents and students have to bear with the curriculum as completing the senior high school program is a prerequisite to enter college.
Additional fund remains a problem to most parents and guardians as well, as the curriculum entails additional two years of learning in high school. Most parents prefer the previous four year-high school curriculum because their children can finish college two years earlier and they can be of help to the family when employed either in the government or private sector.
Issues and concerns about the K to 12 curriculum have reached past and present leadership of DepEd but they countered these with the “Matatag” program.
It is disheartening that the root problem lies in the incompetency and inconsistency of concerned individuals in the concerned agency. They make moves which do not really work just to distract and appease the anger and frustrations of the public.
These concerned individuals should instead focus in conceptualizing programs and projects that will truly improve the quality of education in the country and will inspire the millions of learners to be productive citizens in the future. — ROSE MARIE C. SISON, Baguio City