June 17, 2024

The city council has approved Resolution 252, s. 2024 which urged concerned offices to strictly implement the “Keep Right” policy in all walkways, roads, streets, buildings, or structures in Baguio for public safety, order, and convenience to get around the city.
The resolution is based on the proposal of Scout Councilor Danielle Abarientos, which was adopted by the Scout Official For-A-Day during its session held on Oct. 23, 2023.
In the resolution, the cause of crowding especially in narrow walkways is slowed down movement because of walkers who are carrying heavy or bulky loads, leisurely moving, attending to their cellphones, reading the papers, enjoying some views, or those with physically impaired and other forms of physical immobility.
Slowed movement in walkways is also caused by fast walkers who want to move ahead of others but need to slow down their movement/pace, moving from one side to another, or from left to right, finding their way forward and causing crowding.
These pedestrian collisions and accidents which usually stem from the absence of properly defined and diligently enforced walking ordinances can easily be avoided by observing the “Keep Right” policy.
As part of the effective implementation of the policy, the City Engineering Office was tasked to install “Keep Right” movement signages in said places and areas to educate and remind pedestrians and to encourage everyone to observe, help assert, and implement the policy.
The city council through Resolution 251, s. 2024 has requested the Bureau of Fire Protection-Cordillera to fast-track the repair and maintenance of fire trucks stationed at Baguio City Fire Station to ensure readiness and full mobilization of these firefighting resources.
The resolution stated certain firetruck units stationed at the BCFS are currently in a state of disrepair or undergoing maintenance, thus, hindering their availability and ability of the station to respond effectively to emergencies, given the high temperature the city is experiencing that aggravates the possibility of environmental or structural fires that need to be suppressed immediately with the presence, reediness, and availability of enough and well-functioning firetrucks.
In Resolution 250, s. 2024, the BFP-CAR and other emergency service providers in Baguio were requested to inform their emergency hotlines to all the city’s 128 barangays.
The action was made based on the discussion of the city council with concerned resource persons regarding the April 13 fire incident at Purok 3 MRR Queen of Peace barangay suggesting the importance of immediate access to emergency services in times of emergencies.
The resolution further wants the emergency hotlines, which the BFP along with the other emergency service providers in Baguio have established, to be widely known to every citizen for quick and efficient response during emergencies.
In Resolution 265, s. 2024, the Department of Health-Cordillera through its Director Amelita Pangilinan was requested that the P1 million originally earmarked for the project “Repair/Improvement of Irisan District Health Center Sub-Clinic at Purok 15” be used instead for the “Completion/Upgrading/Repair of Irisan District Health Center at Purok 12”.
The resolution reasoned that the change of project title is that the sub-clinic at Purok 15 which was supposed to be upgraded is being used by the City Social Welfare and Development Office and also houses the Senior Citizens’ Office, and the city government sees it more appropriate to prioritize completion of the District Health Center at Purok 12, to comply with the requirements of a primary care facility.
The city council through Resolution 260, s. 2024 has approved the requests of Bakakeng Central barangay, for the extension on the use of the barangay land-identified area fire sub-station located beside the waiting shed at Km. 4 Marcos Highway with an area of 156 square meters, more or less, as a temporary livelihood area for the validated beneficiaries of the said barangay, subject to the following conditions; and Resolution 259, s. 2024, of Rizal Monument barangay to conduct a barangay fundraising activity through mini tiangge to augment funds for the City Hall Child Development Center at the portion of the Benjamin Salvosa Drive sidewalk (from St. Martin’s Bulalohan down to Minute Burger stall) from April 23 to May 6, subject to conditions.
Both barangays were required to submit to the city council their respective terminal reports after the end of the activities.